Chip2Grid® - 380V DC Power Solutions

Reliability Matters!

Introducing Chip 2 Grid's® 380V DC Solutions

With Chip2Grid technology your Data Center
will receive the benefits of greater reliability,
greater electrical efficiency, lower CAP Costs,
and a dramatic real estate reduction,
as compared to alternating current
(AC) power systems.

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Our Vision

To provide License agreements and establish the Chip2Grid® patent / trademark as the brand that provides a more reliable, more cost effective, energy efficient, and enabler of alternate energy solutions for today's critical loads.

Our Mission

An industry association working together with its members to educate and promote the adoption of the patented direct current (DC) Power Distribution for Critical Power Environments.

Our Values

The DPT IP intends to grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide basis and on fair and reasonable terms and conditions solely to use the patented material in order to manufacture, use, and/or sell implementations of the named Chip2Grid® solution.

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Chip2Grid® was created to help industry understand the value of utilizing higher voltage direct current.

By looking at distribution designs from the load side (the Chip) most can easily see that alternating current is not needed until connecting to the power generation source (typically the Grid). For years AC OEM’s have resisted the concept of higher voltage direct current (VDC) by arguing that Vac can be as efficient.

By using the Chip2Grid® technology the complete story can be told. Using dc on can address the entire system including the subject of safety, increased reliability, reduced capital cost, reduced operational cost (including efficiency improvements) and the enabling of distributed generation such as micro turbines, fuel cells and solar.

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